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AVWSQ-PBI | WSQ - Data Visualisation with Microsoft Power BI



3 Days

Instructor-Led Training

from SGD 360*

power bi training singapore

Course Schedules

11 Dec 2023 – 13 Dec 2023
15 Jan 2024 – 17 Jan 2024
29 Jan 2024 – 31 Jan 2024
14 Feb 2024 – 16 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 – 28 Feb 2024
13 Mar 2024 – 15 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 – 27 Mar 2024
15 Apr 2024 – 17 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 – 26 Apr 2024


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Unlock the full potential of data analysis with our Power BI training in Singapore. Our 3-day course provides hands-on experience with data visualization tools and the knowledge to use Power BI to its full advantage.

Benefits of Power BI:

  • Make better, data-informed decisions with Power BI’s visualization capabilities
  • Easily communicate complex information with data visualization
  • Save time and increase efficiency with Power BI’s drag-and-drop interface
  • Discover new insights from your data
  • Monitor key performance indicators in real-time to prevent problems before they occur

Don’t miss out on the benefits of data visualization – enroll in our Power BI training in Singapore today!


The primary audience for this course is BI professionals who need to analyze data utilizing Power BI. The secondary audiences for this course are technically proficient business users.


At Course Completion, learner will have the ability to:

  • Describe self-service BI
  • Describe the Power BI suite of products
  • Connect to data sources and optimize data models
  • Shape and combine data from different sources
  • Model data
  • Create reports and manage solutions
  • Describe the Power BI mobile app


Module 1: Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions

Module 2: Explore what Power BI can do for you

Module 3: Analyze data with Power BI

Module 4: Get started building with Power BI

Module 5: Power BI Data

Module 6: Modeling Data

Module 7: Interactive Data Visualizations

Module 8: Exploring Data in Power BI

Module 9: Publish and share in Power BI

Module 10: Introduction to DAX

Section 7: Enhancing Productivity

Section 8: Collaborative Editing


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AVWSQ-PBI | WSQ - Data Visualisation with Microsoft Power BI

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