Healthy Living

Healthy 365 is a mobile application to encourage users to adopt a healthier lifestyle through gamification and rewards. Stay active, eat healthier, sleep better, and more with Healthy 365! Discover programmes, resources, and other features to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

📱 The Cloud Desktop Support Engineer course is delivered by Avantus Training Pte Ltd and supported by SG Enable for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

About The Course

Learners will learn how to use the functions of the Healthy365 app to view their health-related lifestyle data at a glance, including daily physical activity and sleep duration. They will also learn how to monitor your daily calorie intake using the meal log tool, take healthier actions and earn Healthpoints.


Course Details

View Course Learning Pathway on SG Enable’s Website HERE

Training Fees

Net Payable Fee After Funding:

SGD $75*

⚠️ SG Enable funding, Training Allowance and Training Commitment Award are for eligible persons with disabilities only.  Terms & Conditions Applies.

Participants may be eligible to collect a free fitness tracker. Terms and conditions for this programme are governed by the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board.

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