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Pastel Nagomi Pets Portraits Workshop

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Timeless memories with Nagomi pastel pet portraits.

Welcome to the Pastel Portraits of Unique Pets with Pastel Nagomi Art Course – where you’ll learn to create captivating portraits of your extraordinary pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, birds, tortoises, snails, or any other delightful creature, using soft pastels and the serene approach of Nagomi art.

Key Features of The Workshop

Soft Pastel Techniques

1. Mastering soft pastel techniques to capture the unique features of your pet.

2. Blending colours to showcase the subtle beauty of fur, feathers, shells, scales, or textures.

3. Bringing out the pet’s personality and individuality on paper, no matter how unconventional.

4. Infusing your painting with mindfulness and emotion, reflecting the special bond you share with your beloved companion.

Hands-On Practice

Participants will engage in hands-on exercises (Sample art piece as below), allowing them to apply the learned techniques and principles in a supportive learning environment. 

More About The Craft

Pastel Nagomi Art is the concept of “nagomi,” which translates to “harmony” or “peaceful feeling.” Through mindful brushwork and intentional expression, participants aim to cultivate a sense of harmony within themselves and their surroundings.

Pastel Nagomi Art, started in Japan, embodies a tranquil and contemplative approach to artistic expression, with a primary focus on fostering emotional well-being, serenity, and mindfulness.

In contrast to conventional art practices that prioritize technical precision and lifelike representation, Pastel Nagomi Art prioritizes the journey of creation over the end-product. Participants are urged to release the pursuit of flawlessness and accept imperfections, permitting their emotions and intuition to shape their brushstrokes.

Overall, Pastel Nagomi Art offers a therapeutic and transformative experience, allowing participants to connect with their emotions, find inner peace, and discover the beauty of simplicity in artistic expression.