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Pastel Nagomi Pet Portrait Class

Welcome to the Pastel Portraits of Unique Pets with Pastel Nagomi Art Course – where you’ll learn to create captivating portraits of your extraordinary pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, birds, tortoises, snails, or any other delightful creature, using soft pastels and the serene approach of Nagomi art.

Pastel Nagomi Human Portrait Class

The “Pastel Portrait Nagomi Techniques Course” is a comprehensive program designed to teach learners the art of creating pastel portraits using the Nagomi method. This course combines the expressive qualities of soft pastels with the serene and harmonious approach of Nagomi art.

Mother's Day Pastel Nagomi Workshop

Create a unique and heartfelt Mother’s Day present with our Pastel Art Workshop! We will walk you through the process of creating a magnificent pastel masterpiece. This session is ideal for friends, siblings, or anybody close to your heart, and it promises to be pleasant for people of all levels.