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Immerse Yourself In The
Art of Fragrance

This is not just a workshop, but rather an experience that nurtures creativity, fosters connections, and promotes a healthier, happier work environment. Elevate your workplace wellness with the power of scent and shared moments

About The Workshop

This workshop teaches how to craft a Scented Wax Tablet. Our workshop is designed to offer a unique blend of relaxation, creativity, and team bonding.

Workshop Highlights

How Can This Benefit Your Organisation?

Team Bonding

Foster a sense of camaraderie as your team works together in a relaxed and creative environment.

Wellness Break

Incorporate mindful breaks into your work routine, encouraging a healthier and more inspired workplace.

Take-Home Creations

Leave with tangible, personalized scented tablets that serve as a reminder of the workshop experience.

What We Have Done

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