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Discover The Tranquility of Nagomi Art

Immerse yourself in the calming world of Nagomi Art, a Japanese art form that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. This course will guide you through the basic techniques of Nagomi Art, using soft pastels and your fingertips to create gentle, soothing artwork.

What is Nagomi Art?

Nagomi Art is a form of Japanese art healing that was founded in Japan. It uses soft pastels and fingers to create simple paintings of love, hope, growth, and kindness. The technique is created by Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu, the founder of Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA). The word “Nagomi” in kanji means the art of harmony. 

This art form is suitable for beginners without any prior knowledge as well as for advanced hobby artists.

Nagomi Art offers a unique blend of relaxation, creativity & self-discovery, making it a valuable tool for promoting well-being and artistic expression. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, mindfulness practice, or a creativity, Nagomi Art provides a gentle, rewarding path to inner harmony & peace.

What You'll Learn

Introduction to Pastel Nagomi Art.

Introduction to the various tools & techniques.

Using the 3 primary colours to create a painting.

Using Fingers to blend & mix colours.

Blending shapes ofdifferent sizes with Fingers.

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Discover The Tranquility of Nagomi Art (2 Hours)

Available Dates:
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Time Slots:
Morning Session – Starts at 9am
Afternoon Session – Starts at 2pm