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AVWSQ-VBA | WSQ - Automating Excel with VBA Programming



3 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

from SGD $900*

Course Schedules

03 Jan 2024 - 05 Jan 2024
05 Feb 2024 - 07 Feb 2024
18 Mar 2024 - 20 Mar 2024
06 May 2024 - 08 May 2024
24 Jun 2024 - 26 Jun 2024
29 Jul 2024 - 31 Jul 2024
16 Sep 2024 - 18 Sep 2024
23 Oct 2023 - 25 Oct 2023

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Course Overview

Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the name of the programming language of Excel. VBA lets you automate many aspects of Excel by writing Sub and Function procedures (also known as macros). A good knowledge of VBA can save time and make you a much more productive Excel user.


Pre-Requsite: Users who already have a good understanding of the existing advanced tools, functions and features of Excel 2016 covered in Excel 2016 Expert course

Who Should Enrol?

Microsoft Office power users who wish to automate and simplify their work process with macros and programming

Course Outcome

This 3-day course will equip learners with the knowledge and ability to automate most tasks in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Learners will learn how to record macros and script Excel to automate procedures and processes. Learners need not have programming background to pick up these skillsets as they will be guided to code from scratch using the intuitive language of VBA. A good knowledge of VBA can help save time, simplify and streamline work processes, and improve productivity at work.


Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Working with Procedures and Functions
Module 3: Understanding Objects
Module 4: Using Expressions, Variables, and Intrinsic Functions
Module 5: Controlling Program Execution
Module 6: Working with Forms and Controls
Module 7: Working with the PivotTable Object
Module 8: Debugging Code
Module 9: Handling Errors


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