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SAS-ST242 | Statistics 2: ANOVA and Regression



3 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

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06 Mar 2024 - 08 Mar 2024

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Course Overview

This course teaches you how to analyze continuous response data and discrete count data. Linear regression, Poisson regression, negative binomial regression, gamma regression, analysis of variance, linear regression with indicator variables, analysis of covariance, and mixed models ANOVA are presented in the course.

Who Should Enrol?

Data analysts and researchers with some statistical training

Course Outcome

Learn how to use the ODS Graphics facility and the new SG graphical procedures in SAS to

• Fit polynomial regression models using the GLMSELECT and REG procedures

• Select models based on several statistics and automatic model selection methods using PROC GLMSELECT

• Evaluate model fit and model assumptions using the GLMSELECT, REG, GLM, GENMOD, and UNIVARIATE procedures

• Fit Poisson and negative binomial models using the GENMOD procedure, and fit gamma regression models using the GLIMMIX procedure

• Perform analysis of variance using the GLM procedure

• Write LSMESTIMATE statements in PROC GLM

• Fit ANCOVA models using PROC GLM

• Fit models with random effects using the GLIMMIX procedure

• Create a variety of statistical graphs


Module 1: Regression

Module 2: Analysis of Variance

Module 3: Regression Using Indicator Variables and Analysis of Covariance

Module 4: Generalized Linear Models

Module 5: Linear Mixed Models


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