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SAS-DIDP1H | Self-Service Data Preparation in SAS® Viya®



2 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

from SGD $1980*

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22 Feb 2024 - 23 Feb 2024
01 Apr 2024 - 02 Apr 2024

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Course Overview

This course provides an overview of the analytic data preparation capabilities of SAS Data Preparation in SAS Viya. These self-service data preparation capabilities include bringing data in from a variety of sources, preparing and cleansing the data to be fit for purpose, analyzing data for better understanding and governance, and sharing the data with others to promote collaboration and operational use.

Who Should Enrol?

Business and data analysts, data miners, data scientists, citizen data scientists, statisticians, and others who interact with data from a variety of sources to perform data discovery, wrangling, blending, and manipulation to ensure that the data is fit for purpose in analytical models, explorations, and reports

Course Outcome

Learn how to use SAS Visual Analytics to

• Ingest and blend data from a variety of data sources

• Visually analyze and profile data for better understanding of quality issues

• Collaborate and share data on data management projects

• Wrangle data in a self-service data preparation environment with no coding skills

• Leverage custom SAS code when preparing analytic-driven data

• Examine relationships between data to assess impact and aid in governance

• Create and schedule repeatable workflows to automate time-consuming data preparation tasks.


Module 1: Introduction to SAS Viya and SAS Data Preparation

Module 2: Discover, Ingest, and Explore Data

Module 3: Self-Service Data Preparation for Analytics-Ready Data

Module 4: Transform Data into Analytics-Ready Data

Module 5: Data Governance and Lineage


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