AD183 | Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE



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16 Jan 2023 - 19 Jan 2023
13 Feb 2023 - 16 Feb 2023
20 Mar 2023 - 23 Mar 2023
24 Apr 2023 - 27 Apr 2023
08 May 2023 - 11 May 2023
12 June 2023 - 15 June 2023
24 Jul 2023 - 27 Jul 2023
28 Aug 2023 - 31 Aug 2023
04 Sep 2023 - 07 Sep 2023
16 Oct 2023 - 19 Oct 2023
06 Nov 2023 - 09 Nov 2023
11 Dec 2023 - 14 Dec 2023


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4 Day(s)

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Instructor-Led Training

Course Price

from $3600


Helping Java SE developers write Java EE applications

Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (AD183) exposes experienced Java Standard Edition (Java SE) developers to the world of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Application Platform 7.0. In this course, you will learn about the various specifications that make up Java EE. Through hands-on labs, you will transform a simple Java SE command line application into a multi-tiered enterprise application using various Java EE specifications, including Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence API, Java Messaging Service, JAX-RS for REST services, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), and JAAS for securing the application.


Course Summary

• Generating multi-tiered Java EE applications.

• Packaging and deploying Java EE applications.

• Creating Enterprise Java Beans, including message-driven beans.

• Managing persistence.

• Creating REST services with JAX-RS.

• Implementing Contexts and Dependency Injection.

• Creating messaging applications with JMS.

• Securing Java EE applications with JAAS.



• Proficiency in developing Java SE applications, with 2+ years of experience required.

• Proficiency in using an IDE such as Red Hat Developer Studio or Eclipse

• Experience with Maven is recommended but not required


This course is designed for Java developers who want to learn more about the specifications that comprise the world of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).



Module 1: Transition to multi-tiered applications

Module 2: Package and deploying applications to an application server

Module 3: Create Enterprise Java Beans

Module 4: Manage persistence

Module 5: Manage entity relationships

Module 6: Create REST services

Module 7: Implement Contexts and Dependency Injection

Module 8: Create messaging applications with JMS

Module 9: Secure Java EE applications

Module 8: Comprehensive review of Red Hat JBoss Development I: Java EE


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