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PYT138 - Introduction to Python



4 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

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01 Apr 2024 - 04 Apr 2024

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Course Overview

*This is the updated version of 55284AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

This Introduction to Python course provides a comprehensive foundation in Python programming.

  • Easy-to-follow curriculum: The course is structured to gradually introduce Python concepts, starting with the
    basics and progressing to more advanced topics. This step-by-step approach allows students to build their skills
    and confidence at a comfortable pace.
  • Engaging, hands-on learning: Our course emphasizes practical coding exercises and real-life examples,
    enabling students to apply their newfound Python knowledge to actual programming challenges. This hands-on
    approach helps solidify understanding and retention.
  • Strong foundation for future learning: By covering fundamental Python concepts, the course lays the
    groundwork for students to pursue more advanced programming topics, setting them on a path to becoming
    proficient Python developers.

Who Should Enrol?

Course Outcome

You will learn the basics such as running Python scripts, understanding literals, comments, data types, and working with variables. The course then progresses to functions and modules, arithmetic operations, and Python string manipulation.

You’ll also learn about iterables, including sequences, dictionaries, and sets, as well as virtual environments, packages, and pip. The course covers flow control, exception handling, Python dates and times, and file processing.

Finally, you’ll be introduced to PEP8 and Pylint for code quality and style. Each section includes exercises to help you practice your newfound skills and solidify your understanding of Python programming concepts.


Module 01: Python Basics
Module 02: Functions and Modules
Module 03: Math
Module 04: Python Strings
Module 05: Iterables: Sequence, Dictionaries and Sets
Module 06: Virtual Environments, Packages and pip
Module 07: Flow Control
Module 08: Exception Handling
Module 09: Python Dates and Times
Module 10: File Processing
Module 11: PEP8 and Pylint


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