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SAS-JMDE16 | JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments



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Course Overview

This course offers a fresh perspective about designing experiments through state-of-the-art features in JMP. This course specifically focuses on the principles of designing an experiment and how to use all of them to achieve an optimal design.

Who Should Enrol?

Directors, managers, engineers, scientists, technicians, and analysts working in discovery, research, development, and quality assurance or control, as well as Black Belts working on Six Sigma projects

Course Outcome

After completing this course students will be able to:

• Use custom design for any experiment.

• Choose appropriate criteria for optimal design.

• Effectively and efficiently test factor effects or predict responses.

• Augment existing experiments to address new questions.

• Design and analyze experiments with hard-to-change factors.

• Eliminate noise from nuisance factors.

• Find best factor settings to achieve desired response levels.


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Experiments with One Factor

Module 3: Experiments with Two Factors

Module 4: Multi-Factor Case Studies


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