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55298 | Introduction to SharePoint 2019



1 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

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25 Jan 2024
15 Mar 2024
12 Apr 2024
07 Jun 2024
26 Jul 2024
06 Sep 2024

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Course Overview

This Introduction to SharePoint 2019 class is for end users working in a SharePoint 2019 environment. It is an abbreviated version of our complete SharePoint End User class and is intended for people new to using SharePoint who will not be responsible for managing a SharePoint site.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is intended for end users working in a SharePoint 2019 environment.

Course Outcome

After completing this course, students will be able to:

• Learn to navigate a SharePoint 2019 Team Site.
• Learn to create SharePoint lists.
• Learn to customize SharePoint Lists.
• Learn to create SharePoint libraries.
• Learn to manage library document versions.
• Learn to create SharePoint list and library views.
• Learn to integrate Office Outlook and Excel applications with SharePoint 2019.


Module 1: SharePoint 2019 Introduction

Module 2: SharePoint List Basics

Module 3: Library Basics

Module 4: Working with Lists and Library Views

Module 5: Office Integration

Module 6: Working with Sites


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