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ICDL-DA | ICDL Data Analytics



2 Day(s)

Instructor-Led Training

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Course Schedules

19 Feb 2024 - 20 Feb 2024
08 Apr 2024 - 09 Apr 2024
03 Jun 2024 - 04 Jun 2024
19 Aug 2024 - 20 Aug 2024

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Course Overview

This module gives you the essential knowledge and skills relating to key data analytics concepts, statistical analysis, data set summarisation and data visualization. Developed with input from subject matter experts, it develops a knowledge of key concepts and a practical understanding of how to use data analytics in business. Once you have developed the skills and knowledge set out in this course, you will be able to become certified in an international standard in this area – ICDL Data Analytics – Foundation.

Who Should Enrol?

Anyone interested in developing data analysis skills

Course Outcome

  • Understand the key concepts relating to the application of data analytics in business
  • Understand and apply key statistical analysis concepts
  • Import data into a spreadsheet and prepare it for analysis using data cleansing and filtering techniques
  • Summarize data sets using pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Understand and apply data visualization techniques and tools
  • Create and share reports and dashboards in a data visualization tool


Lesson 1 – Key Concepts

Lesson 2 – Statistical Analysis

Lesson 3 – Importing Data Sets

Lesson 4 – Shaping Data Sets

Lesson 4 – Shaping Data Sets (Continuation)

Lesson 5 – Filtering Data Sets

Lesson 6 – Pivot Table Data

Lesson 7 – Pivot Table Frequency Analysis

Lesson 8 – Filtering Pivot Tables

Lesson 9 – Using Pivot Charts

Lesson 10 – Data Visualization Tools

Lesson 11 – Creating Basic Data Visualizations

Lesson 12 – Creating Additional Data Visualizations

Lesson 13 – Publishing and Sharing


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