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Course Overview

This module sets out the skills and competences relating to computational thinking and coding and will guide you through the process of problem solving and creating simple computer programs. This module will help you understand how to use computational thinking techniques to identify, analyse and solve problems, as well as how to design, write and test simple computer programs using well structured, efficient and accurate code

Who Should Enrol?

Anyone interested in developing generic problem-solving skills, understanding fundamental concepts of basic computing and coding knowledge

Course Outcome

  • Understand key concepts relating to computing and the typical activities involved in creating a program
  • Understand and use computational thinking techniques like problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms to analyze a problem and develop solutions
  • Write, test and modify algorithms for a program using flowcharts and pseudocode
  • Understand key principles and terms associated with coding and the importance of well-structured and documented code
  • Understand and use programming constructs like variables, data types, and logic in a program
  • Improve efficiency and functionality by using iteration, conditional statements, procedures and functions, as well as events and commands in a program
  • Test and debug a program and ensure it meets requirements before release


Lesson 1: Thinking like a Programmer

Lesson 2: Software Development

Lesson 3: Algorithms

Lesson 4: Getting started

Lesson 5: Performing calculations

Lesson 6: Data types and variables

Lesson 7: True or false

Lesson 8: Aggregate data types

Lesson 9: Enhance your code

Lesson 10: Conditional statements

Lesson 11: Procedures and functions

Lesson 12: Loops

Lesson 13: Libraries

Lesson 14: Recursion

Lesson 15: Testing and modifications


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