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Course Overview

This course furnishes the participants with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. It offers the means of uniting different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management under one common framework.

Who Should Enrol?

  1. PMO / Transformation Office team
  2. Middle to senior management including CTO
  3. Board Members (Directors, VPs, Head of IT, CIO)
  4. Enterprise Architects (Business, Information, Infrastructure, Software & Solution)

Course Outcome

  1. To understand and apply TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases in the development of an Enterprise Architecture journey.
  2. To understand the importance of the role of IT Architecture Governance in the context of an Enterprise Architecture, and how that can help in tracking business metrics.
  3. To understand the Architecture Building Block (ABB) and how the Solution Building Block (SBB) can be implemented and mapped according to the ABB.
  4. To analyse the IT stakeholders and how to apply the appropriate Stakeholder Management Technique to ensure in getting the buy-in and support.
  5. To apply TOGAF® Technical Reference Model and customize it to meet an organisation’s needs.
  6. To adapt and incorporate IT Security and Cloud/SOA into the TOGAF® framework.
  7. To understand how to fit the technology/platform solutions into the TOGAF® framework.



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