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The Importance of Up-skilling and Re-skilling In A Recession
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Economists believe that there will be a chance of Singapore going into a technical recession in the first half of 2023 due to aggressive global monetary tightening measures and slowing consumer demand.

In a future of uncertainty, we need to look ahead to foresee what might happen and start strategically planning our next step. This uncertainty has refined the need for a distinct tactical training plan in upskilling and reskilling.

Upskilling yourself for career development during the economic downturn will help you to identify emerging and in-demand job skills and build a strong competitive edge in the workplace.

Investing in upskilling and reskilling enhances your skills, knowledge and competencies and is a recession-proof way to prepare yourself for infinite possibilities. We need to be agile and flexible to survive in this fast-changing economy.

Developing yourself through upskilling and reskilling has proven to be the best way to keep yourself employed in a recession and many are reflecting on what future skills will be required to make their jobs recession-proof.

Good To Read: Forbes: Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills For Jobs In 2023.

According to an article by ZDnet:

“ Some of the companies are desperate for tech skills, making technology a highly recession-proof career field.

Employees with cloud, software development and IT security skills are most likely to be safe from layoffs and other workforce pressures caused by a recession over the next year.

Developers and cloud experts are in “unprecedented” demand and cybersecurity professionals were identified as the employees companies are most eager to hire in the year ahead.

Salaries for tech workers are also less affected by inflation than those of workers in other industries.

The need for cybersecurity professionals was becoming even more urgent as cyberattacks on businesses, consumers and infrastructure mount in frequency and sophistication.

Companies that can’t find the talent they require through traditional hiring should consider providing skills training to existing staff to help meet their requirements.

Attending trainings and acquiring certifications will provide proof of your knowledge. “

Enroll yourself in our IT training and certification programs to learn new IT-related concepts and refresh your IT understanding.

A recession may affect the economy, but not your learning journey.

Upskill yourself now with Avantus Training to stay updated, relevant, and employable.

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